Tales from the Archives - 1971

The Audubon Bulletin (1971 -1972) (No. 160) offers inspirational messages, current issues reports, book and movie reviews, a fictional short story and more. It is interesting to see what was being read by members of the Illinois Audubon Society, perhaps at the same time as when the Apollo 15 astronauts were taking an electric car ride on the moon; a man was parachuting away from a plane he had hijacked in Seattle, WA; vacationers were visiting the newly opened Disney World in Orlando, Florida; Charles Manson, who along with Manson Family Cult members was originally arrested for vandalism of Death Valley National Park, was being tried for murder; anti-Vietnam War protestors were marching on Washington, DC; and the first Starbucks coffee house was opening.

Thanks to Illinois Audubon volunteer assistant editor Patty Gillespie for compiling this quiz.