The World of Bees

“There is one masterpiece, the hexagonal cell, that touches perfection.

No living creature, not even man, has achieved, in the centre of his sphere, what the bee has achieved in her own: and were some one from another world to descend and ask of the earth the most perfect creation of the logic of life, we should needs have to offer the humble comb of honey.”

- Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life Of The Bee, 1924

The world is abuzz with the important roles bees play in the environment. Take this short quiz and test your knowledge.

Thanks to Isaac Stewart, a Biology Assistant Professor at Black Hawk College and member of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Audubon Society, for preparing this quiz! Stewart conducts insect surveys—and leads insect-oriented hikes at the Illinois Audubon Society Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve and Gremel Wildlife Sanctaries where he has documented the federally endangered rusty patched bumble bee.