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Aren’t Families Grand by Patty Gillespie

Aren’t Families Grand by Patty Gillespie

Aren’t families grand! Take for example my family. When our dinner table is set with garden-fresh veggies and my husband says, “Pass the better Solanaceae, please,” a nearby progeny or I will pass the green peppers, not the tomatoes, because we all know his preference as concerns that botanical family. My grandson and I have a preference too—well, maybe a bias—because when we are out working in the garden, we’d much rather hear our little avian friend of the Troglodytidaea family than a Sturnidae bird, even though both the wren’s and the starling’s songs would probably not be described as melodious.

Decide if the following statements are true or false about certain families or decide if the pictured creature is a member of the mentioned family.

Photos were taken by Patty Gillespie and family.

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