How Well Do You Know the Bald Eagle?

It is bald eagle season in Illinois! To celebrate the return of this majestic bird, this week’s quiz is all about eagles. Every January, the Illinois Audubon Society helps to manage the National Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey which started over 30 years ago. There are eagle festivals in a dozen cities from Utica to Alton, Illinois. And we are blessed with a few sites in Illinois that are some of the best places to see wintering bald eagles in the entire United States, like Fulton Lock and Dam on the Mississippi and Starved Rock on the Illinois River, where literally hundreds of eagles will spend the winter. Go for a drive along a river road to see eagles and then take this quiz to test your knowledge. We will start with a few easier questions and slowly turn up the level of difficulty

Quiz prepared by Illinois Audubon Society Membership and Outreach Coordinator Brian “Fox” Ellis.