Illinois Audubon Society—Whip-poor-wills

The loud, rhythmic and distinctive call of the nocturnal whip-poor-will is a welcome call emanating from the summer woodland. Unless it is perched on a branch near your bedroom window, or one directly above your tent, and it calls over and over and over. All night long. But then you stop and think how lucky you are to hear a whip-poor-will as their numbers are declining throughout the eastern United States.

The onomatopoeic call is recognized by most people, but how well do you really know the whip-poor-will? Test your knowledge by taking this short quiz provided by the Illinois Audubon Society Birdsong Chapter ( The idea for this quiz came from an article about whip-poor-wills around Amboy Marsh Nature Preserve that was published the in Chapter‘s summer 2020 newsletter.

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