Plastics Knowledge Quiz by Hannah Griffins

Plastic pollution is a major problem for our environment. People are producing record amounts of plastic every year and a large amount of it ends up in the environment as pollution. Plastic takes 10s to 100s of years to decompose and has many negative affects on the environment. A newly emerging concern, microplastics are becoming more abundant and are harder to remove from the environment and can hold on to more chemicals. Test your knowledge on plastics in this segment of Sample Your Knowledge!

In the Summer 2021 Illinois Audubon the article, "Addressing the Environmental Impacts of Plastic Waste Within the Ocean," (a compilation of essays written by youths) offers comments about how to limit plastic pollution and how to facilitate the removal of plastics from the oceans. Find it at

The Illinois RiverWatch Network is a volunteer monitoring initiative coordinated by the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC). RiverWatch is the only statewide biological monitoring program that provides volunteers a hands-on opportunity to become stewards of our local waterways by monitoring stream habitat and water quality. Thanks go to Hannah Griffis, RiverWatch Technician, for authoring this quiz, and to RiverWatch for allowing duplication as an IAS Nature Quiz. Learn more about RiverWatch at National Great Rivers Research and Education Center.

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